Monday, October 31, 2011

Teach the young to respect for animals

Teach the young respect for animals

People are always complaining about strays being a nuisance. It's really funny how human beings "destroy" our planet and call it development. Living beings get their habitat destroyed and all of sudden they become a nuisance.
It's really a shame to know that animals mean nothing to some people. Human beings should realise that every creature has a right to live. It is true that strays probably once had owners and subsequently were abandoned.
I have seen people abandoning dogs on heat because of the associated problems. I am really speechless. I remember, as a child, if I found a kitten or a puppy, i would handle it with so much care and love, it was just inside me and those of my generation to do such things.
But now one often reads horrible stories of animal abuse, and also kids bullying other kids. Some parents seeing their kids being unkind to animals also often say nothing.
Why are people so cruel now and have no feelings at all, even young children? Where is the love for animals? Where is that feeling that makes us go all soft when we see something so cute and helpless?
Respect for animals and how to care for them should be taught in school, even if it is just a 10-minute subject. Young people will have a better understanding of animals and realise the importance of being kind to them, thus reducing incidents of animals cruelty.
Please remember that if a child can be cruel towards animals and be unkind to them, that same child can also do such harm to another person. I feel educating the young to care for animals is very important if we want a better future.

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